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ProtoPie 5.0.4 Crack Torrent Free Download [Win/Mac]

July 19, 2020

ProtoPie 5.0.4 Crack Torrent Free Download [Win/Mac]

ProtoPie 5.0.4 Crack aims to enable designers to build prototypes for mobile applications, even if they have no programming knowledge. It has several editing tools that can use layers and allow you to interact with animated images using a variety of movements. Besides, It develops prototypes for uncoded mobile applications. In the main proto-pie window, you can track all the layers associated with the project, regardless of image, video, rectangle, ellipse, or container. Layers can be arranged in layers, and you can adjust them directly with simple drag and drop.

ProtoPie Crack allows you to use custom size mapping for your project. Still, pre-connects specific devices to simplify the configuration process, and iPhone 5 / SE, iPhone 6 / 6S Supports iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, Nexus 6, Galaxy S6 / S7, and Galaxy Note 5. ProtoPie Crack is a full-featured interactive graphic design program for cellular stations. This includes Protop Studio on desktop and Protop Player on mobile. Users can preview the effect of Prototype on the desktop or push it to the iOS / ProtoPie Player app experience on Android devices. Whether it is a professional product manager, designer, or beginner in the industry, it can provide high-precision and ideal to developers and advanced engineers to improve the efficiency of working with the entire team.

ProtoPie Crack Torrent Free Download

ProtoPie Torrent is supported on mobile, and the above demo is complete, so the prototype you need can be used in any view. You can open shared prototypes in email, chat, queues, and more. At the same time, the program consists of various sensors, such as a gyroscope, microphone, compass, 3D touch, etc. Users can comment quickly and efficiently, retrieve censorship conversations, organize, and instantly share their masterpieces so that you can design your prototype offline anywhere. It is effortless to use, whether it is spying on modern prototypes or arranging censored conversations, and allows you to share your work faster. At the same time, it is a code model tool that will enable you to create interactive dynamic effects easily, overcome code constraints, and experience incoming conversations.

Users can preview the effect of the ProtoPie on the desktop or transfer it to an iOS / Android device through a software application. Whether it is a professional manager, designer, or industrial startup, it can provide high-definition prototypes for developers to work together to increase teamwork. The program supports demos on mobile phones, so the prototype you need can be used in any view. Meanwhile, the program has various sensors such as gyroscope, microphone, compass, 3D touch, etc., users can quickly and efficiently connect prototypes for high maintenance, create sensory interactions and speed up their work. Huh. You can show a prototype design if you want.

Key Features of ProtoPie Crack:

  • Multi-touch with three or two fingers, they will be part of the interactive prototype.
  • A compact sensor is compelling, facilitating your motivation.
  • Set the operating language to your language
  • The default width and height of the device can be predefined to customize complications.
  • The background color of the artboard includes a custom set of colors.
  • Network, support for writing tasks.
  • Using materials to help users quickly become familiar with the program.

What’s New in ProtoPie 5.0.4 Crack?

  • Set the operating language according to your language.
  • The background color of the image includes custom color options.
  • Network settings support type determination.
  • Select and outline at the same time.
  • You can add links to prototypes to open web pages and applications.
  • Add the properties of strokes and shadows and interact.
  • Supports audio files: mp3, wav, m4a.
  • The mask function is no longer the right to design software.
  • If you follow a dynamic Content Design design
  • The ProtoPie mask function is easy to access.
  • Determine the smooth interaction time.
  • The timeline shows the logic of the interaction.
  • The ProtoPie timeline lets you quickly master and customize interactions.
  • ProtoPie’s multi-touch signal function keeps your interactions moving.
  • So many pages and interactions in the prototype.
  • ProtoPie’s multi-view feature keeps your design moving.
  • Interactive design no longer limits screen clicks.
  • Prototypes can also include external noise.
  • ProtoPie sensor interaction function makes your prototype smart.

How To Crack?

  1. Firstly, Download ProtoPie Crack Torrent  from the download button
  2. Extract the downloaded file & install ProtoPie completely
  3. After installing, copy its crack file
  4. Paste it in the main directory
  5. Done…! Enjoy

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